41st PDA 2024:
40th PDA 2023: Context. Concept. Consensus.
39th PDA 2022: Honest Architecture
38th PDA 2021: What is measurable in architecture?
/              2020: cancelled due to covid pandemic
37th PDA 2019: Renovation: from the old to a new life
36th PDA 2018: Architecture is culture.
35th PDA 2017: Time in Architecture: 35 years of PDA
34th PDA 2016: Surface of Architectural Space
33rd PDA 2015: Invention and Tradition in Architecture
32nd PDA 2014: Vision of Architecture
31st PDA 2013: Ethics of Architecture
30th PDA 2012: 30 Years: Utilitas, Firmitas, Venustas
29th PDA 2011: Active Architecture
28th PDA 2010: Reanimation of Architecture
27th PDA 2009: New Challenges
26th PDA 2008: Architectural Diversity


25th PDA 2007: PDA / 25 Years Architecture
24th PDA 2006: Exhibited Architecture
23rd PDA 2005: Architectural policies & Louis Kahn: My Architect
22nd PDA 2004: The Architect and Society Fountainhead
21st PDA 2003: Between the Rational and the Irrational in Architecture
20th PDA 2002: Between Vision and Reality
19th PDA 2001: Architecture and Context
18th PDA 2000: Does the House still build the Town?
17th PDA 1999: Stocktaking
16th PDA 1998: The Responsibility of Form
15th PDA 1997: The Architecture of Individual Expression
14th PDA 1996: Topicality of the Sixties
13th PDA 1995: Architecture and Magazines
12th PDA 1994: Architecture in a Mirror
11th PDA 1993: Architect and Politics
10th PDA 1992: Ten Years After
09th PDA 1991: The Architecture of the New Autonomy
08th PDA 1990: The Ephemeral in Architecture
07th PDA 1989: Architecture from Architecture
06th PDA 1988: Architecture outside the Centers
05th PDA 1987: Imagination in Architecture
04th PDA 1986: Mastery and Art in Architecture
03rd PDA 1985: Identity in Architecture
02nd PDA 1984: Continuity in Architecture
01 st PDA 1983: Architecture in Context