Thank you to our general sponsor RAVAGO!

The concept and design of the Ravago presentation at PDA 2018: Bojan Pavšek (OPA!celica)
Photo Jadran Rusjan


Ravago was general sponsor already at PDA 2017: Film Ravago, d.o.o., Slovenija

Speech by Nada Uratarič, the director of the Ravago company, the general sponsor of 2017 Piran Days of Architecture at the conclusion of the international conference in Monfort:

RAVAGO: Keeping pace with the times

In the modern lifestyle, time is incorporated into the processes of creating as a multi-layer component. It is not merely a physical phenomenon, used to measure and determine the duration of events. What is important, when it comes to the values of architectural planning, is that even with the fast pace dictated by modern society, YOU STILL HAVE TIME! That time we need so badly for the idea to come to life from sketches and plans, and to materialise the buildings into their final image. However, at work we usually lose precious moments exactly at those places where we should not. One of the time leaks is definitely the lengthy search for and acquisition of information on adequate construction materials. They are of key importance if we want the finished project seen “live” to be exactly the way it was imagined at the beginning. The intelligent use of construction materials is an important part of designing, therefore the purpose of Ravago is to help you with this. We will show you our sales programme and, taking your wishes and needs into account, we will help you make the final choices. At the Monfort exhibition space, we have already prepared a few products from our range of facade materials for you. We believe that taking a look of those products WILL CERTAINLY NOT BE A WASTE OF TIME.

The Ancient Greeks divided time into two parts: kairos and kronosKairos was the sacred time, when myths and legends took place. That is when the flow of time could change, and the future could stop, accelerate or even adjust. Kronosrepresented linear, measurable time for the Ancient Greeks. The events in this time were historic and measured in days, months, years etc. We believe that modern architecture also conceals the combination of both “ancient” definitions of time. If you would like us to explain this with regard to the use of quality building materials, TAKE TIME and contact us. Thank you!