Photo Jadran Rusjan


PDA was full of interesting stories and nice people. I came back home even more inspired and motivated for further work. Thank you to lecturers and to organizers. See you soon. Aleš Kacin, 30. 11. 2017


PDA is a space where to share experiences and knowledge. PDA awards of architecture manage to join, in the same frame, architects of differents origins and sensibilities. Piran and the Adriatic sea are the perfect backdrop. We felt like being at home, being part of a big family, everyone there is so enthusiastic about their job, and enormously generous. Irene Perez and Jaume Mayol, 28. 11. 2017


On behalf of Manuel, I wish to thank you for all your help and effort in the organisation of the Piran Days of Architecture. And please extend Manuels thanks to all the team. Manuel told me it was a pleasure for him to take part, and he wishes to congratulate you all. On my part and on Cassandras it was also a pleasure to work with you from a distance. Kind regards. João Gameiro Pais, Aires Mateus, 28. 11. 2017


It was a pleasure for us to be part of the Piran Days of Architecture 2017 and to get to know each of you and details of your work. Thank you for the good time, the perfect organisation. Best wishes to all of you. Irene Kristiner and Hans Gangoly, 23. 11. 2017


Grazie to everyone, thanks for common sense, familiarity and pleasure to be together. Also for me not only two beautiful days. A hug, as much as possible to each of you. Today in Monza, tomorrow afternoon in Bamako. Emilio Caravatti, 22. 11. 2017


Thank You Everyone for the great days and nice lectures. It was good to get some sun and see the Mediterranean Sea before returning to the cold, dark North : ) Sami Rintala, 21. 11. 2017


Dear architects, it was much more than just a nice meeting in Piran with good company, perfect food and wine (lunch in front of the hotel Piran was unforgettable J ), nice weather and of course with very interesting lectures. I wish to thank the organizers once again and wishing you all the best. Robert Potokar, 21. 11. 2017

PS Nice meeting you and hope to see you somewhere in near future :)