Opinions 2022

PDA lecturers 

The PDA Congress is certainly one of the most pleasant gatherings of architects from Near Europe and the Western Balkans. This year's exhibition and lectures largely focused on sensitive approaches to architectural heritage and the relationship with the already built space, as well as on demanding placement of buildings in special locations, all of which are current topics in contemporary architectural theory and practice. This selection probably also followed the theme "Sincere Architecture". What I miss in the architectural discourse in general is a greater representation of contributions from the field of technological development in architecture and construction and the challenges posed by the rapid growth of cities and the growing need for housing. This topic, although one of the most pressing issues of modern times, is hardly discussed in architectural debate, or rather it ends with the question of sustainable materials, and much less with how to tackle this problem systematically at the level of urbanism and construction technology. Construction remains at the bottom of all industrial sectors in terms of productivity, and it might be appropriate to consider a contribution on this topic in the future and start such a discussion here. At the end of the day, in addition to being a Roman enthusiast, Piranesi was also a surrealist who became famous precisely for his etchings of dystopian architecture that resemble machines. Therefore, it might not be wrong to include a bit of the avant-garde in the PDA and perhaps introduce a special category "the best contribution to the development of architectural science" or "the most innovative architectural intervention". Other than that, all credit to the organizing committee for the excellent pace of the friendly meetings and organization of all parallel events!
Majda Kregar, 7. 12. 2022
The shortlist of projects applying for the Piranesi Award represented architecture of very high quality in many aspects. The conference was complemented by interesting speakers from all over Europe, excellent organization, and a pleasant relaxed atmosphere in Piran's enchanting surroundings.There is no doubt that the 39th year of Piranski Dnevi Architecture was a success, thanks to the enthusiastic participation and applause that followed each discourse.It was our pleasure to be part of a conference with the unusual but instructive topic of "honest architecture," which is very relevant for the present time.
Dominika Galandová, Miroslava Šešulková, 12. 12. 2022