Dear friends.

Since we believe that our international conference Piran Days of Architecture with its 38 years old tradition can only take place live and only in Piran, we have decided not to organize it this year due to the corona virus situation. Instead of a PDA conference, we invite you to meet on Sunday, November 29 on the digital platform to conference, organized by Architectuul and DESSA gallery.

We will hold an international seminar/conference on outstanding architecture, presented at the exhibition Architecture. Sculpture. Remembrance. The Art of Monuments of Yugoslavia 1945-1991, which was prepared jointly by the Galerija DESSA and the Architectuul in 2019. Along with the exhibition we have published the exhibition catalog and critical texts in the magazin ab-architects bulletin, March 2020, year LI, no. 224-227.

You can follow live conference at:


10:00 Introduction 
Christian Burkhard, editor in chief Architectuul, Berlin 
Boštjan Bugarič, senior editor Architectuul, Berlin 
Maja Ivanič, DESSA Gallery, Ljubljana

10:10 Dignity of Memory (trailer: Ana Jovanović, Predrag Nedović, Aleksandra Djordjević)

10:20 Spaces and Dignity
Sanja Horvatinčić, Institute of Art History, Croatia
Vladimir Deskov, School of architecture and design - UACS, North Macedonia 
Ana Ivanovska, Faculty of Architecture Skopje, North Macedonia
Boštjan Bugarič, Kristina Dešman, Maja Ivanič, Špela Kuhar, Eva Mavsar, Špela Nardoni Kovač, Damjana Zaviršek Hudnik,  DESSA Gallery, Slovenia
Jelica Jovanović, Grupa arhitekata / Docomomo Serbia
Boris Trapara, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Bekim Ramku, Docomomo Kosovo
Slavica Vučković, Faculty of Architecture Podgorica, Montenegro
Moderator: Boštjan Bugarič

11:00 Yugoslavia Express  
Roberto Conte presenting the field photo trip in discussion with Boštjan Bugarič

11:30 Presentation and Dignity
Roberto Conte, Italy
Relja Ivanić, Serbia
Matija Kralj, Croatia
Donald Niebyl, Spomenik Database USA
Andrew Lawler, Spomenici NOB, Serbia
Elena Chemerska, North Macedonia
Moderator: Kristina Dešman

12:00 Embodied Experiences 
Investigating the relation between architecture, landscape and symbolism in WW2 monuments of socialist Yugoslavia, master thesis by Vida Rucli, Faculty of Architecture in Ljubljana, menthors Maruša Zorec, Luka Skansi

12:30 Culture Routes in Montenegro
Slavica Vučković presenting the project 

13:00 (In)appropriate Monuments: Interview with Miodrag Živković 
In loving memory of Miodrag Živković by Jelica Jovanović

Mediapartner: Architectuul

Exhibition Architecture. Sculpture. Remebrance: Interviews with dr. Bostjan Bugaric
_ 25. 11. 2020 in DOMUS 
_ 08. 05. 2020 in ÉPÍTÉSZFORUM